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Gynecology Services in Ft. Myers, FL, Dr. Lord-Tomas

Annual Exam

This is a necessary exam for all women starting from age 21 (or SOONER if sexually active) and continuing into menopause.  This includes patients whom have had a prior hysterectomy or mastectomy.

It will typically include a BREAST EXAM, a PAP SMEAR, a Pelvic exam and a thorough discussion of age-related preventative measures to promote a healthy female lifestyle.  It may also include recommended Labs or X-ray studies based upon your age or any findings noted during your exam.

Sterilization Procedures

Upon completing your childbearing years, or if children are not an option for you, we may discuss methods of permanent sterilization.  I offer procedures which are either hospital-based OR even office-based. Ask about both Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation (small incisions on the abdomen, hospital-based) versus an Intrauterine Tubal Occlusion approach (the ESSURE procedure).  Incisions and therefore scars and minimal to none, and down-time from work or home life is very little.

These may be reversible, but that is NOT the intended purpose.

Contraceptives and Family Planning

A very common consult is to discuss choices for preventing pregnancy.

Options are many and include oral birth control pills (OCP’s), Injections (Depo Provera), upper arm implantable device (IMPLANON), the Vaginal Ring, Barrier Methods and the Intrauterine Device (IUD’s- MIRENA & PARAGUARD).  Pros & cons are discussed, age-related recommendations are given and life style affects are reviewed thoroughly.

STD Screening and Prevention

At nearly any age, this can be a serious or even uncomfortable consult and exam – but truly important.  This may include simple questions & answers, screening tests, preventative measures (including the HPV VACCINE, Gardasil), and/or medical treatment.  This appointment is an important and sensitive matter at any age, and I especially enjoy educating the young adult female population.

Menopausal/Perimenopausal Consultation

This is an area which I fully enjoy being a provider for.  There are a variety of physical, psychological and hormonal changes to address.  

HORMONE THERAPY, both traditional and Bioidentical, may be in the plan. Most important is that we update any necessary exams/testing, investigate ANY concerning pathology or symptoms and restore a sense of balance to this incredibly important time of your life.

Abnormal Uterine/Vaginal Bleeding Consultation

An area of concern for any of us, this is a very common consult.  This appointment will include a thorough history and related physical exam, and likely require some labs/Xrays or ultrasound studies, biopsies/D&C or cultures to solve the problem.  We will almost always need additional appointments to find our answers and make a treatment plan together.  

Depending upon the presence or absence of ANY pathology (FIBROIDS, POLYPS, CANCERCOUS LESIONS) treatments vary.

Options include simple Observation WITH Reevaluation, Medical (Prescriptions to control it like OCP’s or LUPRON) AND/OR surgical (major or minor procedures to reduce or stop it).  Exciting minor surgical treatments are available even in an office setting, ask about ENDOMETRIAL ABLATION, done inside the uterus via HYSTEROSCOPY with no scars!  HYSTERECTOMY is the end option for some, and there are different surgical routes here, too, from Abdominal (Full abdominal incision/scar or Laparoscopic with minimal incisions) to Vaginal (no abdominal incisions). Our treatment options are strongly age-related and are many. The issue is to recognize what is NOT normal, evaluate it thoroughly, and help you to replace your focus off of this disruptive problem and back to your daily life.

Click here for more information regarding Endometrial Ablations.

Bladder Problems

An extremely common area but one which many do not discuss, this issue causes a negative influence on both our personal lives and our work lives.

We will review the history of your problem and undergo a directed physical exam & testing (labs, urine testing, URODYNAMIC studies to help differentiate types of INCONTINENCE).  Treatment options are either non-invasive or minimally invasive and include Pharmacologic (oral medicines), Bladder Training, Vaginal PESSARY placement (device placed vaginally to support a weakened bladder) and/or Bladder/Urethral Support Surgery.  

Excellent methods are available to regain control of this area of concern. If surgery is an option, ask about the VAGINAL SLING Procedures which essentially eliminate any leakage!

Pelvic Pain Consult

This problem-related visit evolves from a frequent symptom affecting the relationships, both at work/school AND at home, of multiple women.

Our visit will involve again a thorough history and physical, both lag and Xray studies, and likely return appointments for results or further tests (a second exam, cultures etc).  The etiology or reason for your pain will be addressed and it may be purely Gynecological (ENDOMETRIOSIS, OVARIAN CYSTS, PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE, ECTOPIC PREGNANCY) or involve other anatomical sources (your GI tract/Colon, Urinary System, Scar tissue/Adhesions).  Occasionally, Emergent Surgery is necessary(Severe pain or Ectopic Pregnancy).  Otherwise, at our follow-up, we may simply observe & reevaluate or discuss Pharmacologic Treatments (OCP’s, LUPRON Injections, Antiinflammatories, etc) OR Surgical Evaluation/Treatment.  Surgical Evaluation will likely be with a LAPAROSCOPY (small abdominal incisions, looking with a camera and treating diseased areas, done in the hospital and mostly outpatient or overnight stay). Further or continued treatments or more involved surgeries are always a possibility.  We will educate you regarding your choices and strive  for resolution or improvement of your problem yielding a return to peace & productivity in your life.

Vaginal and Labial Rejuvenation

This procedure, In-office, is offered to correct or improve upon redundant/lax/bothersome tissue of the vagina and/or labia minora. For a variety of reasons, we may have excessive or lax tissue in this area which affects us as individual women in how we feel physically (even causing recurrent vaginal irritations) or psychologically.  A minor surgical treatment with limited downtime but beneficial results.

Vaginitis Consultation

For either young or more mature females, this problem can be a recurrent, frustrating concern affecting daily activities.  We will review your history and conduct a directed physical exam, the exam may be limited depending upon the age of the patient.  The etiology will be identified immediately or following minimal testing including labs/vaginal cultures.  

An infectious source may be identified or other reasons found, like irritants or VAGINAL ATROPHY/DRYNESS.  You will then be treated typically with medication and some lifestyle modifications, and be reevaluated to assure that the problem has resolved as planned.

SILS Procedure

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery, a cutting-edge technique, has gained recent popularity amongst surgeons.  This type of surgery utilizes a single umbilical(belly button) incision, placing a device or port through this incision and passing various cannulas via this port to pass a Laparoscopic Camera and surgical instruments.  We may perform a variety of Gynecological procedures with this method, including SILS HYSTERECTOMY (removal or uterus +/- ovaries and tubes), SILS OOPHORECTOMY (removal or one or both ovaries) and SILS Treatment of ENDOMETRIOSIS (tissue from the inner uterus which has spilled out into the abdominal cavity causing pain, cysts, scarring, abnormal anatomy).  It is coined as Scar-free surgery since there is only one incision which is nearly hidden within the umbilicus.  This procedure is NOT for everyone, but a wonderful option for many.


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