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Why don't more surgeons use this technique?

Surgeons in the United States are trained mainly with mesh. They are instructed all throughout residency that mesh repair is the only way to repair hernias. Dr Tomas has discovered that this is not true and his recurrence rate of less than 1% using the Desarda No Mesh Tension Free repair is proof of the success of the technique. He receives patients from all over the world who fly in to have their hernias repaired with no mesh and his success is demonstrated by his extremely low recurrence rate as well as his testimonials. Please read testimonials to see how content his patients are after the repair.


Question to Dr Desarda: There are almost 1 million hernia surgeries annually in the US and your technique has been available for several years. Dr. Tomas has performed over 1500 surgeries with no mesh, over several years.
That’s a very small percentage. Why hasn’t your technique been used more widespread among surgeons in the US? For example the surgeon I was speaking with Dr. William Hutchinson in Santa Monica California had no real information and comments regarding your technique. Dr. Hutchinson has performed almost 10,000 hernia surgeries and is recognized and one of the leading authorities regarding Laparoscopic TEP and TAPP procedures

Dr. Desarda's Response:

Mesh repair is 50 years old whereas our technique is just 10 years old. It takes time for all surgeons to adopt something new and are reluctant to deviate to routine practice.

Secondly, 10,000 surgeries or 1000 surgery are less important than the skill of the surgeons and the final outcome result given by the surgeon. If the scrutiny of results given by a surgeon who did 10000 surgeries shows some or the other complication to the tune of 10-20% and the complications seen in 1000 patients operated is less than 0.1% then you can imagine which is better for you or anybody.

You will know in depth if you watch power point presentation given on our website desarda.com under heading “Message to all surgeons”

Prof. Dr. Desarda M. P.



Are there any other surgeons using this technique?

There are other surgeons performing no mesh techniques for hernia repair, but Dr. Tomas is the only US surgeon trained by Dr. Desarda himself and that is why he has endorsed it as the Desarda Hernia Center, USA. You must be careful when choosing other surgeons performing no mesh techniques, because most are not using the Desarda No Mesh Tension Free hernia repair.


What is the recovery of hernia surgery?
You cannot lift heavy objects (greater than 10 pounds) for 6-8 weeks. You can return to a desk job or any other job that requires no lifting after a week.

Is it normal to have a hard ridge along the incision and bruising in the groin after surgery?

Yes this is called a healing ridge and can persist for up to three months after surgery. The bruising is also normal along the incision and into the scrotum/labia after surgery as well. Wearing tight underwear and icing the wound and scrotum will help the bruising and swollen testicle if this is present.

When Can I drive?
You can drive one week after surgery if you are off of narcotics and have minimal pain.

I live out of town and was interested in surgery. What is the process of having surgery at your facility?
You will have your consultation on Thursday and then have blood work and EKG after your consultation. You will then have surgery the next day on Friday. We recommend that you stay the night and have someone drive you home in the morning. We have had patients driven home after the surgery if they live 2-3 hours from Fort Myers. They are instructed to walk around at a rest stop half way home to encourage circulation to the lower extremities. If you are from another state, then it is recommended to stay till Monday. I will then see you early Monday morning to examine your incision and you can fly out Monday afternoon.

Will I have general anesthesia or IV sedation for my surgery?
Almost all cases are done with local and IV sedation. No general anesthesia is used unless the hernia is greatly enlarged or the patient is obese.

How will my incision be closed?
All inguinal and umbilical incisions will be closed with absorbable sutures. No staples are used. It will be approximately 2.5 inches in length an appear as the picture below of a right groin incision.

U First Health Hernia Surgery

How many hernia surgeries does Dr Robert Tomas perform a week?
On average 6-10 hernia surgeries a week. Dr. Tomas has done over 1500 Desarda hernia repairs in total.


What is the data on your 1% recurrence rate for inguinal hernias?


These are the number of no mesh inguinal hernia surgeries Dr. Robert Tomas has performed over the last 6 years.

2010 - 69

2011 - 134

2012 - 181

2013 - 403

2014 - 345

2015 - 392

Total - 1,524 no mesh inguinal hernia repairs.

To date we have approximately 11 (0.7%) documented recurrences and the majority of these were within the first few years.


Does Dr Tomas repair umbilical and ventral hernias without mesh?  Yes most definitely. He uses a three layered sutured repair using different suturing techniques that Dr. Tomas has recently patented. Umbilical and ventral hernia repairs use non-absorbable sutures, but no mesh. The skin is closed using absorbable sutures. The recurrence rate is 4-5% utilizing this method.

Is the surgery center credentialed with the state?
Yes our surgery center is certified and has been inspected with the state.

Our surgical center is also certified by the AAAASF which is an ambulatory surgical center inspecting board..


Is Dr. Robert Tomas Board certified?

Dr. Robert Tomas has been practicing for over 16 years. Yes he is board certified through the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons.

Who does anesthesia at U First Surgical Center?
A anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist will be providing anesthesia at our center.

What mesh do you use?
Dr. Tomas almost never uses mesh on inguinal hernia repairs now. Approximately 99% are done with no mesh tension free repair (Desarda Technique). If we do use mesh it is the PHS mesh by ethicon for inguinal hernia repairs and biologic mesh for umbilical/ventral/incisional hernia repairs.


What insurances do you take?

We only accept a few insurances. Please make a reservation and our insurance specialist will notify you of your responibility.


What Hotel would you recommend?

We have a relationship with Springhill Suites Marriott which includes rooms for $89.00 a day. This room is a studio King. Please visit www.marriott.com/rswsh or you may call 239-561-1803. Pick up to and from the airport and surgical center is complimentary for your convenience at the Springhill Suites Marriott. Please also see the Marriott Fairfield Inn logo on our home page, ufirsthealth.com. Click on this logo and look on the left of the page and input your check in and check out date as well as number of guests/rooms. We have arranged a discount of $89.00 per night for our patients for certain months(all months except Feb and March). Please use the corporate/promotional code YY1. If the Fairfield Inn or Springhill Suites Marriott have no vacancy, please contact our office for other hotels partcipating with the Desarda Hernia Center.

Desarda -  No Mesh Tension Free Hernia Repair Questions

1) What are the risks and consequences of cutting or entrapping nerves given that this is an open procedure? There is a very slim chance (1%) of this occurring because Dr. Tomas will identify the ilioinguinal nerve along eith the spermatic cord and isolate it  once he enters the canal on all surgeries. Therefore, damage to these nerves as well as the cord structures are very rare.

2) I have read that others (including Desarda himself) are using dissolvable sutures.  Any chance of using those with me? Dr. Tomas uses absorbable sutures on the skin and subcutaneous tissue,. He also uses absorbable sutures for re-constructing the floor with the adjacent muscle. Stainless steel wire is not used like in Shouldice repairs.

3) What is the likelihood you will have to convert me to a mesh repair? It is very rare (less than 1%) that Dr. Tomas would use mesh on primary inguinal hernias. The use of mesh is mainly with multiple recurrent hernias where the muscle is extremely damaged and cannot be used for the repair.

4) Can you please confirm how long you have been performing the Desarda, how many per week, how many total, and recurrence/problem rate? Dr. Tomas has been performing the Desarda technique for over 7 years, 6-10 hernia surgeries a week and has performed over 1500 cases using no mesh tension free repair (Desarda Technique). Recurrence rate is approximately 1% which is very low for hernia surgeries.

An internet rate / discount involves a discount of 30% and drops the rate to $3,399 all inclusive price for No Mesh inguinal hernia and umbilical hernia repair. This price covers facility fee, anesthesia fee and surgeon's fee. It also includes blood analysis and an EKG if indicated. One price hernia surgery for your convenience. THE CONSULTATION IS FREE, but there is a $200.00 deposit for the surgery date that will be applied to your balance if surgery is booked!
No insurance, no problem / High deductible, no problem.
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