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Patient Testimonial
June 22, 2016
David L.
Ocala, FL
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Review of U First Health/Desarda Hernia Center, USA -
Original Review:

I am from Ocala FL and developed an umbilical hernia about two years ago. I did research on the internet and came across U First Health doing hernia repair without mesh. This interested me, having an older brother with an inguinal repaired with mesh 3 times working on #4. Also reading negative publicity of mesh company lawsuits I knew I did NOT want Mesh in my body. Just Say NO to Mesh. Dr. Robert Tomas is the only Surgeon in the US that is Certified by Dr. Desarda from India to use the Desarda technique having a return rate of <1% for inguinal and < 5% for umbilical. This sold me. I had a consultation and exam by Dr. Tomas on May 31st 2017. Dr Tomas discovered that in addition to my umbilical hernia I also had an open left inguinal hernia. He informed me He could do both surgery's the following day. No brainier...6 weeks recovery for both. I had the surgery the next morning at 8:30 and was out the door on my feet at 10:am. Ate a chicken McBiscuit for my meds and China Buffet for dinner. I did get my rest and use Ice Packs and walk around every two hours following post op protocol which is written down for you. I also opted for the Extra med pack with Arnica Montana pills, Cream and Lido-cane Patches. I had a very fast recovery and felt better every single day. Dr. Tomas is the only Dr. I would let operate on my hernias and IMHO he is the best Dr. for hernia repair in the US. The entire staff from Alina to Dr. Tomas are very friendly and make you feel at ease. This was my first surgery at 65 years old.

Outstanding...Thanks Dr. Tomas for your outstanding work and thanks to the entire staff at U First Health for being there. It has been 3 weeks and I feel great.


Dr Tomas,


I just want to let you know that I am very very happy with the result of my second Desarda inguinal no mesh repair, this time on the left side. As with the first repair on the right, this one healed very quickly. I was off pain meds in two days, and taking long walks on the third. It's been one month and I feel great. And as before, your staff and the hospital were top notch.
Thank you once again for your excellent service and for bringing the Desarda procedure here.
Please feel free to share and post this email.
Best regards,


Lionel L.

Miami, FL
April, 2017


Hello Drs. Tomas and Desarda,


Dr. Tomas performed a Desarda repair on my rather large right inguinal hernia on April 2012. I just want to let you know that I am very happy with the results. Recovery was fast, and within a week I took an overseas trip and was walking around with a 15 lbs. briefcase on my back. After the initial soreness wore off, I never again had any pain or discomfort. I went back to lifting heavy weights (for me) at the gym and the repair feels solid and strong. After 10 months, the ridge is minimal: 2mm thick by 5cm in length.
Also, I found the care and professionalism of the staff, nurses, and anesthesiologist at Gulf Coast Medical Center, as well as the facilities, to be top notch. Please let them know.
Feel free to reprint and post this email.


Lionel L.

Miami, FL
January, 2013


Dear Dr. Tomas, BJ, and Staff,


Thank You Very Much for getting my Hernias repaired in such an efficient manner and in short notice. Thank You All for an excellent job so now I am on the road to recovery.
I just cannot say enough about how efficient your entire operation is from the moment we arrived Ft Myers Airport. I have to say this entire experience is above and beyond what anyone could have experienced in the best hospital settings. You certainly are at the top of your games!! Thank You All Very Much! Warm Regards, Bill


Bill C.

Hong Kong, China
May, 2016


Mesh Removal Patient Testimonial

(Dr. Tomas' office receives hundreds of calls like this each month about patients with pain from mesh repairs. He only removes mesh that is placed from an open surgical hernia repair technique)


I'm a 28 yr old male who lives in NY and was diagnosed with a inguinal hernia in late 2014. In 2015, the pain was getting unbearable, so I went to a local surgeon where I live in New York who repaired my inguinal hernia with a paritex pro grip plug and patch. After the surgery, I was in a lot of pain, feeling my body rejecting the mesh, pain in my groin as well as unregulated bowl movements.

Since then, I did a lot of research online and found Dr. Robert Tomas at Ufirsthealth, Desarda Hernia Center, USA in Fort Myers Florida. After talking with Michelle and BJ, I was at ease as far as setting up an appointment with Dr. Tomas. Dr. Tomas actually got on the phone with me and talked with me about my situation.

After getting over the fact that I had to go to Florida for surgery, and everybody that was around me thought I was crazy for doing so, I booked the flight for the end of March to have Dr. Tomas re-repair my hernia.

When I arrived to Ufirsthealth, it didn't even feel like I was going to a doctor. The office is very modern, the staff is very friendly and informative and Dr. Tomas was very professional talking with me.

Dr. Tomas examined me and pin pointed the pain that the mesh was causing right away. My doctor in New York told me I was crazy and I had to deal with it because the mesh is permanent and cannot be removed.

The next day, I went back to Ufirsthealth for the surgery. I had my IV placed, laid on the operating table and by the time I knew it, the surgery was over. Dr. Tomas removed 95% of my mesh and re repaired the hernia via Desarda technique. He said the mesh was embedded in with nerves and he had to remove it in pieces.

Whoever says mesh is permanent is lying. I am on day 3 with the Desarda repair and I have absolutely no pain. The area is very tight and sore, but obviously that's because of the muscle being stretched out. I feel absolutely better. All the symptoms I was feeling before I received the surgery have been relieved.

Dr. Tomas is an expert surgeon. He is a godsend for hernia repairs. Whoever tells you that mesh is the way, stay away!!! Get your repair with Dr. Tomas. He is an absolute lifesaver. Thank you doc for giving my life back.


Frank C.

Brooklym, NY

March,  2016



It' s been four months since you performed hernia surgery on me
(10-23-15). I have followed your instructions on the amount of weight
to lift for the prescribed length of time. I feel great and am capable
of shoveling snow and lifting/carrying 40# bags of salt with no
problem. Seven weeks after surgery I started skiing. Worked into it
easy and now I'm at full speed and practicing for the upcoming races
in March.
I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful work you do. I'm
glad I went online and found your clinic.
"Doc, you do good work and I have taken care of it."


Patrick K.
Hart, MI.

February, 2016


Dr. Tomas and staff,
It's been 6 months since my surgery to remove the mesh from my right groin and I was just checking in to let you all know how great I'm doing:). I'm running and doing yoga without a problem, no pain, and feel back to "normal". Thank you again for the amazing care you provided me! I'll continue to follow up and keep you posted.

Happy Holidays,

Megan W.

Fairbanks, Alaska

December, 2015


45 year old male complaining of pain for several years after inguinal hernia mesh repair. He was unable to play hockey without pain. Dr. Robert Tomas recommended mesh removal. He was pain free after the surgery. Please note the reconstructed floor of the inguinal canal after mesh removal. Strength of the floor is the patient's own external oblique muscle strip.


U First Health Mesh Removal

Section of Mesh removed from the floor of the inguinal canal


U First Health Mesh Removal

Reconstructed floor of the inguinal canal without mesh-Desarda Technique.

Performed by Dr. Robert Tomas



Fort Myers, FL

November, 2015


Dr. Tomas,


1 year ago today you fixed my inguinal hernia using the Desarda technique. I was 32, very active, had small children and a job that involved being physical at times. Before the surgery I was very distraught because I knew nothing about the surgery repair, and feared I would have to drastically alter my lifestyle. When researching inguinal hernia repairs I read all the negativity surrounding surgical mesh and was apprehensive to go that route. I had met with a surgeon back home and gone in for pre-op meetings. Then I did some more online research and found U-first health. When I read about the technique and contacted the office, all my fears were gone. The staff was very informative and I was able to have surgery just 1 day later than I had scheduled back home. The hotel was accommodating in shuttling me to and from appointments and surgery. The staff at U-first health was great and Dr. Tomas instantly made me feel like I was in the hands of a true professional.

The Lee Island Coast surgical center staff was also great. The nurses and anesthesiologist took all the worry out of what was my first ever surgery. Afterwards, I was driving with 9 days, walking with ease. I was able to survive on ice packs and Ibuprofen for pain, no prescriptions needed. Since my surgery I am back to my old routines in the gym, no restrictions with my kids and most importantly I have had ZERO complications (like what you hear about with mesh repair surgeries). As long as you adhere to the advice of this offices staff and put your trust in Dr. Tomas and the Desarda technique, you’ll be fixed up and back to life as you knew in no time! I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for all the care, comfort and professionalism to the entire U-first team and everyone at Lee island Coast surgical center.

Hernia repair can be worrisome, but not if you go with U-first health.


Justin T.

Coon Rapids, MN

August, 2015







Thank you Dr Tomas!

May God Bless you and your amazing staff.


U First Health Angola Patient


 Paulo C

Angola, Africa

May,  2015



Dr. Tomas and staff,


I recognize talent. I appreciate the art form and stratospheric level you have taken the experience of non-mesh hernia repair to.

I also commend you for attracting a cast of absolute super-star staff members, Super-Nova type personalities with priceless gifts for healing mind, body and spirit through courteous professionalism.  

I was put at ease at every turn, made continuously comfortable and pain free.

I hereby thank each of your staff members with special mention to BJ, Michelle, Rajim, Kay, Evelyn, Sandy, the anesthesiologist, Rosario who was with Evelyn, the ladies who ran my credit card, the lady who drew my blood, the lady in your finance department, the young male physician’s assistant who accompanied you in our initial meeting who’s name regretfully escape me.

Faith is the greatest spiritual quality because you must have faith to overcome fear and that is the priceless lesson this experience taught me.

I believe our time as humans is best spent on this on this earth when we work to improve the state of our world.

I thank you for your contribution and commitment to detail regarding that endeavor.

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! I am strong, healthy, blessed and excited about my future! Thank you one billion, trillion times!

Forever grateful,


Jackie J.

Albertville, AL

February, 2015


For Dr Anne Lord-Tomas


I have been a GYN patient of Dr. Anne for 2 years. She is dedicated to the mature woman's health and well being and certainly the most genuinely sincere GYN I have ever visited. I am 3 months shy of my 60th birthday. Ina addition to caring for my health, over the past few years, Dr. Anne and her staff have provided guidence for my skin care needs including the use of Obage products. I have had some Botox for those nasty lines in my forehead and Juviderm for filler of the deeper lines. About a year ago, Dr. Anne injected Artefill into the most stubborn spots. Most recently, I have had 4 of 5 dermapen treatments on my neck and face and could not be more pleased with the results. My pores have gotten smaller and the wrinkles have softened leaving just healthy, supple, glowing skin...not taunt or tight. At a recent family reunion, my 83 year old Aunt commented that I must have gotten the look young gene! I went to a community meeting and saw a few I hadn't seen for a while and received comments about how good I look. No one knows why I look better...I just do. Thank you Dr. Anne, BJ, and Nurse Jackie, as well as the rest of your staff.


Alice B.

Fort Myers, FL

December, 2014


Dear Dr. Tomas,

In early December of 2014, my inguinal region (between thigh and stomach) swelled considerably and what used to be curious discomfort turned into mild chronic pain. The swelling turned out to be my intestines outside the abdominal cavity or peritineum. I researched all my options and found surgery was the only option and the "no-mesh" method was for me.

After many phone calls, e-mails and on-line research, I selected Dr. Tomas
at the Desarda Hernia and U-First Health Clinic in Ft. Myers - a long way
from home but I liked not having to be in a hospital and just a number.
BJ was the first person I spoke with and was extremely helpful and able to
schedule me in within two weeks. This allowed me 8 weeks of no heavy
lifting at a desk job in the off season to hopefully have a complete

I didn't have insurance so price was a factor. I found that even after
the travel expenses from Maine to Florida for both me and my wife, the
total cost was still half what hospitals in New England were asking - and
they couldn't guarentee their price, it was just an estimate.

Dr. Tomas and his staff proved to be the utmost professionals. He was
both calming and confident. My trust and confidence in him and his expert
staff built rapidly with each contact eventually reaching 100% the day of
surgery. I knew I was in the right place. Every aspect of the procedure
was exactly as documented in the paperwork provided. I followed most of
their instructions to the letter and was back to work at my winter desk
job comfortably within 5 days, driving and feeling great! Day two, (30
hours post-op) I assume once the local anethestic wore off I experienced
my worst pain, which I rated a 3-5 out of 10. Trying to avoid narcotics
and be brave, I hadn't taken any pain medication. I took 3 pain pills
during a 24 hour period and didn't need them after that as the pain
steadily subsided, even the flight back was tolerable on Ibuprofen and
ice. Buying the prescriptions at the local Costco and purchasing their
top shelf ($10) ice bag were two of their best suggestions of many, saving
considerable $$$ and time. Just a heads up for you hairy guys, allow
ample time and shaving equipment as you'll need to prepare the incision
site before surgery.

I would like to convey both me and my wife's sincerest thanks and
appreciation to Dr. R. Tomas, Cathy, BJ, Intern Justion, Jackie, Raheem,
Michelle, Rosario and all the other professionals involved behind the
scenes. You all made something that was so difficult and unsettling for me
to deal with - something I can now recommend to my family and friends
without hesitation, so long as they trust "U First Health Clinic"!

Mark B.

Searsmont, Maine

December, 2014



Dear Dr. Tomas,
It was one year ago on September 13 you performed my double inguinal
hernial repair. I have never once experienced any pain - or even
discomfort - from the moment I stood off the operating table. My scars are
imperceptible. I feel wonderful.

My confidence in the Desarda method of hernia repair is exceeded only by
my respect for your surgical art in performing it. I often think of you
and everyone at the Ufirst Health Clinic with gratitude.

I thank you all for your genuine kindness.

Briian H.
Woodbourne, NY                                                                                           September 2014


To Dr. Tomas and Staff:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your no-mesh hernia surgery service and the care that I received after flying from Massachusetts to Fort Myers for surgery at U First Health/ Desarda Hernia Center, USA. All the staff were professional, knowledgeable, and - most importantly - caring and helpful every step of the way. The entire procedure went smoothly and quickly and I experienced very little discomfort or pain from day 1 through recovery.

When I first realized I had a hernia, I delayed treatment because of concerns about the potential problems associated with mesh. I soon became frustrated to learn that I could not find a physician in my area (Boston) that was familiar with the newer non-mesh techniques or that offered a no-mesh surgical alternative. I finally was relieved to find that UFirst Health not only offered a no-mesh option from one of the few surgeons in the country specializing in this (Dr Tomas), but offered this service affordably for those without insurance coverage.

I was able to fly to Florida by myself, have surgery on a Friday, stay at a nearby hotel for the weekend and then return home on Monday following a post-op checkup. The reduced hotel rate and free shuttle service to the clinic were all very much appreciated. I even managed to squeeze-in a short visit to nearby Sanibel island the day before my surgery.


Richard B.

Boston, Massachusetts

June, 2014



G'day again Dr Tomas, BJ, and others...

As you know, I've not long finished with Dr Tomas and the team at UFirst Health (Desarda Hernia Center), for my follow-up consult this morning. I would like to just drop you all a brief email to say thank you for a job well done..!

Dr Tomas and his team should feel very proud of the outstandingly professional and friendly service delivered for my Desarda no-mesh no-tension repair of a right side inguinal hernia.

My whole experience has been well above expectations and better than my best hopes for what may otherwise be an unpleasant process. Right from the initial inquiries/emails, the information provided, the admin process, the pre-op preparation, the surgery day, and virtually pain-free trouble-free initial recovery (with excellent pain mitigation) has been a far better journey than I could have hoped for... indeed... outstanding. At 10-days post-op, I remain pain-free (and have been off all pain meds for several days...) and have no trouble at all with mobility, including lots of walking and stairs. I also understand the need for proper ongoing care, as outlined, during the next phase of recovery.

Now with this personal experience behind me, I am more than happy to become a much stronger advocate for the Desarda repair, and Dr Tomas' delivery of this Desarda hernia repair as a very suitable alternative to the conventional laparoscopic mesh repair dogmas, and for the excellent manner in which UFirst Health has dealt with my needs in this case.

I am so glad I refused the conventional therapy and chose this pathway - it has been very worthwhile my travelling so far from Australia to receive this particular Desarda hernia repair. So thank you again.

Kind regards,

Darryl T.
Brisbane, Australia

March, 2014





Patient testimonial:
Inguinal hernia repair, Desarda Hernia Center FL



More patient testimonials:


This is Paul and I recently had surgery at your facility on 1/10/14. I would like to send you a testimonial to post. I have been a Nurse Practitioner for the past 15 years and five years as an ER nurse prior to that. Dr. Robert Tomas and staff are first rate and you should be proud of the service and level of care you provide. Very impressed and thank you.


Paul H.

Paducah, KY

January, 2014


Dear Dr. Tomas,

I just wanted to express to you how pleased I am with my choice to have my inguinal hernia repaired by you using the Desarda meshless technique.

The discomfort was minimal requiring virtually no opiate pain medications. The only pain I experienced was when I sneezed! But that was just momentary.

Also, if you recall, I'm the one who requested, in order to avoid a visible scar, that the incision be made along the crease between my groin and upper leg instead of directly over the hernia site. Thank you so much for doing it that way as there is no visible evidence that I ever had surgery! If you offer this option to other patients I will be happy to speak with them to sing your praises for both the decision to have you perform the Desarda technique and the scar-concealing option. Feel free to give any of your prospective patients my cell phone.

Again, thank you so much. I couldn't be more pleased and have recommended you to others who have or may have inguinal hernias.

J oseph C.

Naples, Florida

January, 2014




Merry Christmas Doctor Tomas!

I hope you will enjoy the gift that I sent you. I just wanted to express my gratitude again to you for the excellent work that you did and to give you a
follow up on the hernia surgery and matristem product that you inserted into my incision about a year ago. It not only prevented the keloids that I feared so much, but a year later, I can't even identify my incision. I had a
little minor numbness in my thigh for several months after the
surgery. I figured that a nerve must have been damaged and that it
would be probably be that way for the rest of my life. However, the
numbness also subsided and I now have full sensation in my thigh.
Some times it feel so weird walking around without my "guts" hanging
out my groin all day any more! LOL! I work out several times a week
with heavy weights now. I still wear my hernia belt while I'm lifting
weights in order to provide support to my right groin so that I
hopefully won't develop a hernia there. I have also avoided doing the
extra heavy one rep maximum lifts of well over 300 lbs. I love you
Doc, but I don't want to have to come see you again! Anyway, thanks
again. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. 



Blacklick, OH

December, 2013


Dr. Tomas,

Thank you for your very competent and caring work today. Mario is doing very well and we are very happy we made the decision to come to Florida and you were able to see us so quickly. Every staff member involved with us have been especially friendly, patient and comforting and helpful. We will tell the hernia-afflicted people of Chicago about you and will send a picture on Friday - but all looking and feeling very good right now.


Mario G.

Chicago, Illinois

November, 2013

Dr Tomas:
I just want to let all of you know how satisfied I am with the Hernia
Repair I had done by Dr Tomas. I am doing great and the recovery is
going just as Dr Tomas said it would. I can't thank you enough for
helping me overcome my fears, providing me reassurance and confidence
in this procedure and answering all of my questions so that I could
make what I feel the best decision possible... to not have a mesh
repair done. I also am surprised at how many people I know have had
an inguinal hernia and all had the mesh repair. I am not exaggerating
when I say this but 4 out of the 6 people I spoke with are still
having pain issues over 1 year after their surgeries. I have no pain,
I still am taking it easy and following your guidelines consistently.
Thank You again so much..I have recommended you and your staff to
anyone that I know has a hernia. Take care and keep up the great

Paul S.
Las Vegas, Nevada

October, 2013


Dr. Tomas' Desarda Hernia Center USA is a gem and the UFirst Health clinic is the ideal setting. UFirst Health Clinic delivers on the promise of
modern medicine while keeping the focus on patient care. Suffice to say
that elsewhere the patient is too often swept along by the corporate
demands that consume most health care providers. It just dawned on me; at Ufirst Health, you are really first.


Like other hernia patients, I had learned of the Desarda technique of no
mesh, no tension inguinal hernia repair while searching the web for
alternatives to the “status quo” (the received wisdom of
mesh/laparoscopy). I must defer to doctors who maintain that these are
important and sometimes necessary procedures. But they are seldom
necessary as the first choice in inguinal hernia repair.

Dr. Tomas' adoption, and adaptation of the Desarda technique of inguinal
hernia repair is an important advancement in medical science in the USA.   I believe the UFirst Health Clinic will become a major educational center for this enlightened physiological approach to hernia repair.

I had a bi-lateral inguinal hernia surgery that was over before I knew it.
Everyone in the operating room was calming and reassuring. The rigorous
caution and guidance of the anesthesiologist completed the envelope of
reassurance. I got up comfortably and (relatively) cogent, and have felt
better ever since.

I feel fine, and I have my life back. I hope to help anyone suffering with
an inguinal hernia to find their way to Dr. Robert Tomas and his Desarda
Hernia Center USA, at the UFirst Health Clinic in Fort Myers Florida.   When you go be sure to stay at there Fairfield Inn Marriott hotel; they are  a virtual extension of the UFirst Health clinic and will coddle you
throughout your stay.

Brian H

South Fallsburg, NY

September, 2013


Desarda vs. Shouldice Repair - A Patient's Personal Experience


I'm a 73-year-old man who lives in Vermont and I chose Dr. Tomas to
repair my inguinal hernia because he's the most experienced no-mesh
hernia repair surgeon in the U.S..

I've had two no mesh inguinal hernia repairs. The first at Shouldice
Clinic in 1995; the second at Dr. Tomas' facility on June 25, 2013.

In my experience, here's how they compare.

Shouldice requires a 3-night stay in their facility in a shared room.

Dr. Tomas does not require an extended stay. Patients within driving
distance are free to return home within a few hours of surgery. And
he has arranged very comfortable and affordable accommodations for
those of us who are not within easy driving distance and want to stay
a few days before traveling home.

The Shouldice method is more complex and requires much more stitching
than the Desarda method used by Dr. Tomas. Importantly, I'm told the
Shouldice method is not tension free.

Subjectively, I could walk comfortably four or five days after the
Shouldice repair. After Dr. Tomas' repair I was walking easily with
only minor soreness immediately following surgery - like directly off
the table!

In both cases ibuprofen and ice were all that was needed to remain
almost pain-free.

I'm home in Vermont four days after surgery and am pain free, moving
easily, and feeling fine without the ibuprofen.

Dr. Tomas' skill and down-to-earth attitude created a situation in
which surgery to repair a hernia is less likely to to produce the
complications common to mesh repairs while relaxed and almost

I heartily recommend him.

Ron K.

Middlebury, VT

June, 2013


Wow! Thank you Dr. Tomas and everyone at UFirst Health. What an awesome team. Healing slowly and recover is going as anticipated. The UFirst Health was way more than I anticipated. As I share my story with others I hope I am able to sway but a few to talk with you prior to their repairs. Lost for words on how wonderful my medical experience with UFirst was. Just wanted you to know as I share my experience with others.


Jeremy G.

Georgetown, TX

August, 2013


Dear Dr.Tomas and Staff at U First Health and Surgical Center. I believe you are a God sent in a world of over priced exorbitant medical services. You give our country an alternative to big corporate medicine and insurance companies. Your level of expertise, caring and professionalism could not be surpassed even by the most expensive hospitals. Thank you for repairing my hernia and restoring my health. Without hesitation I will recommend you to anyone in need of your services.


Raphael K.

Tarpon Springs, Florida

February, 2013



Dr. Tomas performed a Desarda repair on my rather large right inguinal hernia on April 2012.  I just want to let you know that I am very happy with the results.   Recovery was fast, and within a week I took an overseas trip and was walking around with a 15 lbs. briefcase on my back.  After the initial soreness wore off, I never again had any pain or discomfort.  I went back to lifting heavy weights (for me) at the gym and the repair feels solid and strong.  After 10 months, the ridge is minimal: 2mm thick by 5cm in length.  

Also, I found the care and professionalism of the staff, nurses, and anesthesiologist at Gulf Coast Medical Center, as well as the facilities, to be top notch. 

Lionel L.
Miami, FL

January, 2013


Hello! I am doing very well. I want to thank you all for the care you gave me and to Dr. Tomas for his progressive surgery technique.


Joe L.

Baltimore, Maryland

April, 2013

I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Robert Tomas, for the way my prostate problems were taken into account, by listening to me, while preparing for my Hernia repair.

Arriving as a very worried patient, I became convinced to be in good hands as result of the confidence expressed by Dr. Tomas during the preparations and the next day surgery.

My recovery is going very smooth without any complications and limited pain. Also thanking the office Staff of UFirstHealth for the guidance received. All of you lived up to " UFirst "!
Thank you so much,
Kees R.
Boynton Beach, FL
Dec. 2012

Thank you so much for the professionalism, care and treatment both you and your staff extended before, during and after my bi-lateral inguinal hernia repair. I cannot believe I am back at work, feeling great, only one week after surgery. I do nor think any surgeon / hospital / anesthesiologist
combination in my home state of Georgia could even approach the outstanding level of care your integrated clinic/surgery center provided. I will highly recommend your services to anyone requiring similar surgery.
Thanks again,
Kevin T.
Rome, GA
patient of Dr. Tomas

Inguinal hernia surgery performed on Mr. Jose Montero of Ocala, Florida. "Thank you U First Health and Dr. Robert Tomas for my inguinal hernia repair. I feel great and can now get back to training for my next match. Everyone was very professional."

Surgical Testimonial from our of town client

Jose Montero on right "2009 Pan American Tae Kwon Do Champion"

When I was first diagnosed with a hernia by my urologist and started doing research, I became very disconcerted when it appeared that the main method used consisting of mesh and staples only had a 47% success rate….meaning the surgery has long term failure rate of almost half.
I am very active at 58 as I have an 8 year old son and I coach/play baseball, football and basketball with him, go wave running, snowmobiling….not to mention wrestling and the flying leaps that an 8 year old takes…failing to realize of course that he weighs 64 pounds and his dad is old.
Through continued research, and a stroke of luck, I discovered the Desarda, no mesh, tension free method and Dr. Tomas at Ufirsthealth. I started doing more research and discovered that it had a tremendous success rate so I contacted Ufirsthealth and sent an email under the “Ask the doctor” icon. Within a half hour, Dr. Tomas responded and gave me a number to call him at so he could explain the surgery to me.  I called, he answered, and spent about ten minutes on the phone with me explaining the procedure.  That was a first.
I drove to Ft Myers and found the entire staff to be “first rate” and when I met Dr. Tomas, his demeanor alone gave me all the comfort and confidence I needed and had the surgery done the next day. About two hours after my arrival, I was on my way home to Tampa, feeling great considering I just had surgery and outside of normal discomfort associated with any type of surgery, I had no issues whatsoever and was back on my treadmill the second day after surgery.
After three weeks, feeling great, almost back to normal activities and I have nothing but accolades regarding the procedure, Dr. Tomas and his first class team of professionals.
Thanks so much. Kenneth M.
Tampa, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

I just wanted to take the time and thank you for a job well done ! I had a very painful Umbilical Hernia that I had unfortunately received at work repaired by Dr. Tomas on March 30 2012 . From the courteous office personnel to Dr. Tomas’ bedside manner ( which is a rarity with many Drs. ) and degree of professionalism portrayed and extended to me I would rate my experience as an A++ ! I particularly liked the fact that I was able to have my surgery done at the office location and was very impressed with the cleanliness of the operating room facility and the  professional operating room staff . After surgery , the Anesthesiologist even took the time to check on my condition throughout the weekend which I found to be exceptional . Should the situation ever arise , I would highly recommend UFirstHealth to anyone requiring the services offered.
Sincerely, Kraig K.
St. James City, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"Just wanted to drop in & say thanks for everything. I seem to be healing just fine & walking more each day. Your services were excellent & well thought out with good information. I guess i can say the most impressive thing that got me to come to you was the personal phone call from Dr Tomas on the first day I inquired. That pretty much sealed the deal.  I will definitely recommend your services every chance I get. Thanks again. It's changed my life."
Thank you,
Gregg S
Frankfort, KY
patient of Dr. Tomas

"We were so well take care of. Thank you for caring for us so far from home."
Ron L, East Taunton, MA
patient of Dr. Tomas

"All of you that work here are precious, you are like my family."
Faye D, N Ft Myers, FL

"I feel terrific, recovering nicely."
Paul B, Estevo, FL

"Perfect from start to finish."
Gary V, Lehigh Acres, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"Great as usual! Well worth every penny but looking beautiful is also worth it."
Ginny Q, Ft Myers, FL
patient of BJ Merket

"Thank you for a memorable first meeting! Looking forward to a long association..."
Lin H., Ft. Myers, FL
patient of Dr. Lord-Tomas

"Dr. Lord-Tomas is the best and Michelle, her receptionist ,is very very warm and relaxing."
Carmen C., Cape Coral, FL
patient of Dr. Lord-Tomas

"There are no words to describe the staff but to say they were all great. God bless you all for the good work, keep it up!"
Howard B., Lehigh Acres, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"Had a great experience would recommend to anyone. Thank you!"
Robert C., Cape Coral, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"Everyone was delightful! I felt like I was at home with friends... which is a great atmosphere to be in!"
Arden A., N Ft Myers, FL
patient of Dr. Lord-Tomas

"Dr. Tomas is WONDERFUL!!"
Lauren, Ft Myers, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"Did a very good job"
Mary H., Ft Myers, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"The best doctor & staff"
Joan M., Ft Myers, FL
patient of Dr. Lord-Tomas

"I've recommended you to 2 friends and my daughter"
Marlu G., Lehigh Acres, FL
patient of Dr. Lord-Tomas

"Always a wonderful experience"
Maria F., Ft. Myers, FL
patient of B.J. Merket

"Everybody was lovely"
Margaret, Ft. Myers, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"Dr. Lord-Tomas and the staff at U First Health is careful, thorough and cares about my symptoms. I have recommended her to my mom and other women."
Lori S., Cape Coral, FL
patient of Dr. Lord-Tomas

"Very pleasant and knowledgeable in his profession"
Herbert C., Catlettburg, KY
patient of Dr. Tomas

"Very good, highly recommended"
Matt C., Naples, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"Dr. Tomas was fantastic! He got me through the surgery with flying colors and all went well."
John B., Cape Coral, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"Dr. Tomas is absolutely wonderful, he is very compassionate and caring! I felt very confident with my safety and well being in the level of care he provided to me."
S. Provence, Lehigh Acres, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"Los doctores de U First Health me realisation cirugia de hernia y quede muy satisfecho con el trabaso" (The doctors at U First Health performed my hernia surgery and I was very satisfied with the work they performed."
Luis H., Lehigh Acres, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"Love you guys!"
Dawn B., Lehigh Acres, FL
patient of Dr. Lord-Tomas

"Everyone did a great job and were very accommodating and knowledgeable in general. Would definitely refer all services... Entire staff was great! Best birthday present I could receive."
William P., Naples, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"BJ is wonderful!! A special time for myself because I deserve it!"
Jane S., N Ft. Myers, FL
patient of B.J. Merket

"It was a pleasure to deal with each person in the office."
Jane C., N Ft. Myers, FL
patient of Dr. Lord-Tomas

"Exceptional care, I felt like family."
Sidney H., Cape Coral, FL
patient of Dr. Tomas

"I love coming here. Everyone is great. I am treated like gold all the time - thank you!"
Vanessa P., Ft. Myers, FL
patient of B.J. Merket

"Great staff! Made me feel very comfortable during and after procedure."
Rhonda M., N Ft. Myers, FL
patient of Dr. Lord-Tomas






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