B.J. Merket

B.J. Merket Licensed Aesthetician & Skin Care Specialist

Hi,  I am a licensed Skin Care Specialist for the State of Florida.  I studied and received my certification at the Venice Skin and Massage Academy in Naples, FL.  My expertise in skin care involves the treatment of many skin deficiencies and irregularities. My goal is to educate my clients in the direction of caring for their skin and providing them with valuable information to reach their desired goal for their skin care.

I also attended the Harmonix School of Permanent Makeup in Boca Raton, FL and received my certification in this field which has been extremely rewarding. In addition, I am certified to perform intense Laser treatments, with our state-of-the-art Laser, to treat various degrees of issues with the skin, which include Hair Removal and Facial Rejuvenation.  Another area of skin treatment I am certified to perform is the TCA and Jessner peels.  I have been practicing in the specialties of skin care for ten years.   My ultimate goal and love is to assist individuals in their skin care needs and to provide any beneficial information and treatments that will help them reach their desired healthy skin condition.

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