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A trip to our Florida-based practice can save you from the pain associated with mesh-related complications. If you suffer from an umbilical hernia, contact us online or call us at 1-888-884-0019 for a free consultation. We offer an incredible discount if you schedule your initial appointment onlineDon’t Go Anywhere Else, Because We Are The Only Certified Center In The United States Endorsed By Dr. Mohan Desarda.

Can You Repair a Hernia Without Mesh?
The Answer: Desarda

Thanks to the Desarda technique, Dr. Tomas  can repair your inguinal hernias without the risks associated with mesh. Traditional no mesh inguinal hernia repair methods like the Bassini tend to fail because they use old hernia concepts. The Shouldice inguinal hernia repair method has been around for many years and has good results, however they use stainless steel wire. Having stainless steel wire is as bad as having mesh in your groin.

Many types of surgical mesh have a history of defects and recalls that can put the patient at harm’s risk. It also takes years for the body to form a natural layer of tissue around the mesh and fully protect organs from slipping through. One other problem with mesh is that it shrinks over time and leaves you unprotected, and this leads to recurrence.



    Garr R
    Garr R
    Very happy with the staff, the process and the results
    Joni Uptegrove
    Joni Uptegrove
    I wanted to wait before writing a review to make sure that I didn't ever have any issues. I had my surgery in May of 2021 and it was a truly wonderful experience. The entire staff was so kind and knowledgeable, from the very beginning to the very end. I did a ton of research about mesh beforehand and ultimately decided that mesh was not the way to go for me personally. Here are the things that I think helped my surgery go smoothly. I had a very small (10mm) umbilical hernia as well as diastasis recti (which caused the hernia I'm sure). Prior to surgery I did an ab rehab program that helped heal my diastasis almost completely. It's a 12 week program (by Nancy Anderson), I got through 7 weeks before my surgery date. I think it helped strengthen my abs so much which helped with recovery. I did a lot of walking and didn't wear the binder for very long. My angel of a mom went with me so I had someone to help me navigate the airport, help me get around, remember my pain meds etc. Nearly 3 years later I have a tiny scar but have had absolutely zero issues. It's like it never even happened! I've been in various states of active since then from super active mountain hunting to couch slug lol and no problems whatsoever. I turned it in to my insurance and they did partially reimburse it. Follow their recovery instructions, try to strengthen your core before and after your surgery, and take care of your body with good nutrition and hydration and I think you'll be very glad you went mesh-free with Dr. Tomas!!
    Erik Mateo
    Erik Mateo
    I wanted to share my experience because going over the reviews and information about u first was very helpful in making a decision. I had hernia surgery July of 2022 and the whole experience was 10 of 10 from staff to doctors. Iam a very active person and was scared of not living that lifestyle after finding out I had a hernia but Iam happy say that Iam back to 100% and feeling great. Make sure to listen to what the staff and doctors say for recovery and give yourself time to heal ( one step at a time) everything will be ok. Hope this helps make someone feel a bit more at ease knowing I know exactly what your going through.
    Eric M
    Eric M
    This may be the best medical facility I have ever encountered, and I've been around for a long time. Alina was the first person I had conversations with and she was very helpful and caring. By the time I had my inguinal hernia surgery in Oct, 2023, I saw that everyone working there had the same friendly compassion and desire to see that I was happy in the process. I had to go to the Colonial Center because of my age and everyone there was also wonderful. Of course the most important thing is the Doctor's ability and manner; they were all professional and masters of their trade. I only took the pain pills for 4 days and I am almost back to normal, now that 6 weeks have gone by. I'm afraid to make any jerky, twisting moves, so I will wait until the second week of Dec. to play golf. A few years ago a golf pro was analyzing my swing and he said I "looked like a gorilla having a seizure." That sounds like the time I could tear some sutures. Anyway, I highly recommend UFirstHealth and wish I went there sooner than I did. Eric M
    Paul Spaniel
    Paul Spaniel
    They did hernia surgery on me in 3 day deal. It worked no more problems.
    erik gallagher
    erik gallagher
    Amazing friendly staff. Awesome doctor. Everyone there was so great. Wonderful experience. Only part of having a hernia I enjoyed was meeting such great people. Thank you to everyone there, you all are masters at what you do. Keep it up! Update one month later: It's almost as though I didn't even have the surgery. The only evidence is an incision ridge, normal, and the hernia being gone. I can cough without a bulge. No heavy feeling down there. No pain. I am ecstatic and grateful for the staff at ufirst. I would have never allowed mesh inside of me, it was dealing with it until it was an emergency and nothing else. I watched the procedure and concluded that I agree with this method as it is logical and should be the gold standard. I feel great and thank you all again and again. Update 6 months later: zero pain, zero discomfort, feeling completely normal, almost like the hernia was never there. I had phantom feelings of it being there, and nightmares, but I believe it was because it was gone as fast as I had gotten it. One day it's there and the next it is gone. I got through the mental anguish by staying positive and trusting the process, visualizing the healing that was taking place. The doctor and staff did their job and I as well and everything came together perfectly. I am eternally grateful for such an amazing experience. Been over a year now, feeling normal. Thank you again!
    C G
    C G
    Dr. Tomas and his team are OUTSTANDING! From the first phone call I ever made to U First Health & Rejuvenation regarding my husband's hernia issue, (with Debra) I felt like I had an advocate. Dr. Tomas is knowledgeable, experienced and totally proficient. He repaired all three of my husband's hernias with an expertise that only comes from years of experience working in his field. Every single member of his team is available, knowledgeable, patient, positive and supportive. Prior to arriving, Debra walked us through the entire process from start to finish, and once we were at the clinic we were impressed with the way everyone involved worked together so harmoniously. We live in Texas and had to travel to Florida for the procedure, but it was worth every effort, time and dollar spent to have such great care. We are sincerely grateful that because of Dr. Tomas' work, we had an alternative to standard mesh hernia surgery. Thank you Dr. Tomas and the whole team!
    Christos Daskalakis
    Christos Daskalakis
    I had bilateral Inguinal surgery about 1 year ago in 2022 with Dr. Tomas and it was the best decision I ever made. Doctor Tomas is a brilliant surgeon. The procedure went great and the staff were very friendly and professional. I did a lot of research before and it seemed like a logical choice. I was up walking the same day but recovery took about a month. Although to get back to working out took like 4 months. I am 60 so not a spring chicken, LOL. Overall, a great experience. I just wished he was closer to me and insurance covered it, but at least the outpatient and the anesthesiologist was paid by my insurance. I also tried to put it through Blue Cross, and they said it can be done, but after several attempts, they still have not reimbursed me. But I will keep bugging them!!!
    Dayne Silverberg
    Dayne Silverberg
    Currently two weeks after my inguinal hernia repair and I am almost completely back to normal. I was nervous about getting this procedure because I’d never had surgery before but the staff at Ufirst made everything so easy and I felt comfortable through the entire process. The recovery wasn’t bad and I am so thankful to be mesh free. I highly recommend Dr. Tomas and the crew here if you have a hernia that needs fixing, you won’t regret it.

    Benefits of Desarda No-Mesh, Tension-Free Inguinal Hernia Repair

    • No harmful mesh

    • Plastic surgical mesh can have unpredictable effects if it comes from an unreliable source. While the FDA recalls most defective mesh products, mistakes do happen in the supply chain. Desarda inguinal repair uses your own muscle tissue as a strong and natural replacement for mesh.

    • Minimal tension during surgery

    • Most mesh-free hernia repair techniques involve tension from pulling on the edges of the hernia to close it. The Desarda method allows you to benefit from low-tension and mesh-free techniques by covering the hernia with an alternative to mesh. The muscle graft sits on the floor or bottom of the groin and acts as a bridge between the ligament and internal oblique muscle. This muscle graft provides you with a brand new form of support using your own tissue, and it is not on tension.
    • Natural tissue use

    • During Desarda repair, Dr. Robert Tomas takes part of the patient’s abdomen muscle tissue and uses it as a natural barrier for the protruding organ. As a result, it can lower the recurrence rate and eliminates the risk of rejection associated with surgical mesh. There is no deformity or weakness of the abdominal muscles due to this repair.
    • Low recurrence rate

    • Out of the more than 4,000 surgeries conducted at the Desarda Hernia Center of the United States®, less than 1% have had a recurrence. Most of these recurrences happened within the first few years after surgery.
    • Absorbable sutures

    • Many surgeons that perform traditional Shouldice no mesh inguinal hernia repair use stainless steel sutures that remain in your body. Dr. Tomas  uses absorbable sutures that disappear over time for all his inguinal hernia repairs.
    • Flat-rate price

    • We offer our Desarda procedures at flat-rate prices. This includes everything: facility, anesthesia, surgery and medications. There’s no need to deal with insurance or co-pays. Your initial consult is even free so if you have a hernia please come to our center to be examined. The hernia will only become larger and more complicated the longer you wait.


    Desarda Hernia Center, USA will now have two surgical days a week for your convenience. Our surgical center is a self pay center and does not accept insurance reimbursements.

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